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Umbrella is an ERP portal to provide services that are personal as well as external and that can assist employees in their everyday work. This also enables seamless communication and collaboration among employees.


Umbrella is an ERP portal designed for employees of technological expertise who develop solutions for their client’s most complex business problems.

The business wanted to build a scalable portal by redesigning and adding more features to assist employees in their everyday work.

The Problem

I evaluated the old interface of the portal and identified some existing problems;

  • Remote working and Hybrid Working due to COVID has made a well-functioning Intranet a critical part of the employee experience

  • The current intranet is not contemporary in terms of design 

  • Functionality also needs a refresh and overhaul to better cater to employee needs

  • The intranet needs to work across platforms


Industry Best Practices

User Research

I have conducted interviews and surveys to obtain insights from users.

For this, I prepared a list of around 14 questions to ask employees having different roles and years of experience in the organization.

Usability Test

Also, I did a usability test of an old portal to know the actual problems. Below were the employee's words;

  • Pre- Corona managing meals was used very often

  • The banner is just blocking the space

  • I have not got training on how to use the portal

  • The intranet is not very functional

  • Favorites functionality needs to be easy to use

  • HR and employee logins should be separated

  • Loading speed is slow

  • News updates are not visible at the forefront

  • Reminders for work anniversaries

  • Internal job postings need to be visible here 


According to the data obtained, I have found frequently used features by employees.

User Persona

With the above insights, I created a user persona. It is a fictional representation of real data that represents the commonalities among the group of users.

Input Analysis and Mapping

Key Features

Some of the key functionalities that must be incorporated in the new enhanced portal are as below;

  • Keeping employees informed about the latest company news, announcements, and return-to-workplace strategies.

  • Providing employees with single-point access to information, and productive communication and collaboration tools they need for day-to-day operations.

  • Enables the organization to offer enhanced employee experiences and also minimizes the time required to navigate and locate items or resources they specifically need.

  • Providing personalized search and helping employees find information and subject matter experts relevant to their roles and interests.

  • Enabling seamless communication and collaboration among employees.

  • Comprehensive community building and interaction tools.

  • Structured knowledge and simple learning contents.

  • Personal services (e.g., a colleague directory) as well as external (e.g. shift schedule) that can assist employees in their everyday work.

Information Architecture (IA)

Optimized and organized the structure to help users navigate and find the information needed with a ease.


Due to security constraints and information-sharing limitations, I can't display wireframes of all internal pages of the new ERP portal. Below is the wireframe of the Home page.

Color Pallet

Visual Design Routes

I had given two design routes to the client and Glass UI has been finalized.

Route 1: Flat UI

Route 2: Glass UI

Thank You!

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